Dragonfly fling

Change me pearly oyster

Your wings are chrystal

Surrounded by running

neon water

We drift on kissing

cumulus clouds

Change will come

In my head there is this

fresh blooming garden

where abundant rain will fall




Ride upon the unknown places
of my planet
Looking for the scars the stars
I kiss make love to your private parts
you sexy savage boy
my delicious toy
Born to enjoy and erupt in
my mouth
In me all the time

You challenge me
You lick and suck
and hold my nipples
Shake my lovely mountains
Your hands melting my
Soft moist pussy
Again and again
Thousand longing kisses
Huge tender lips all over
My craving velvet body
And your steamy hot skin

One string one mask
Killer bites tracing my
entire holy body
up and down
Furious sparkles of lust harsh desire
Encounter my deepest cave
Ride me cowboy
my deepest infinite strata
Show me your strength
Enpower me rape me
Oh God take me hard
bite and hate me swallow
oh Messias
Sweeten my tongue

Stone nor pearl
Pleasure of hot cold stones
Angel Jesus massage me gently
Fuck me hard
Brave and fearless
Rise our egos our faces
Our eyes skyhigh
Take us to heaven
you amazing sexy boy
Consume me
Discover the lush hills
the rough drifting sandriffs
My eternal naked glowing landscape

Ride upon me
Show me your fckng
fortunes your most divine muscled
body your brownish golden hair
Show me your hidden violent secrets
Rise upon me
Stir up my heat
Wondering cowboy empower me
Kiss me hard kiss me soft
penetrate me with your sweet brushed
tongue lick my lips  ohhh give it to me

Rise upon me when
We make love continously
Kama Sutra here we come
On lake Yenpa
In and out on top
Under next to you
Upside down arousal
You care you carry me in your giving hand
Your fingers inspecting taking my inner secrets
The ring on your finger making his way

We fall we fly
Voluptuous black hunting
panthers pumas hour after hour
Conquering  planets
Rainbow of horny dazzling ecstacy
Brave boy grrrr break of dark at night
Tear me down tear my virginity down
Fuck me love me bite me
Bewilder me. embrace me.  worship me
Open the curtains    
Enlighten our deepest passion
you and me on pale silk blankets

Rise upon me
Demon angel
Make it happen
One last time
Let me cry out loud for lust
For you


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Created by Kattya