The carpet exploding
with colours
at the sight of you

your lonely footsteps resonate
Why is your print so awful

So you will remember me
in years to come

You ask again
why so disgusting

So you will love me
in due time


Stone rock embracing you

Waterfalls moisturizing

cooling you down

Spectacular forms

furiously entering

your eyes

your brains

A huge lucid cave

an immortal cathedral

where space

and stone bond

The altar filled with

white serene flowers

Utter tranquillity

Spacious eternal music

entering my ears

penetrating straight

throughout the rocks

A sacred bond

between space and stone

where space and stone kiss


The sun glowing like a crown

sacrificing light

Warming your mouth

whispering in mine

Secretly giving wings

to our passion

Past Present Future

Melting down

My muse

Your breast I hold

Your heart I feel

I really

am your poet


you know it's true

All the lovely things

come back to you

Dare to dream 

Laugh out loud

Fulfill dreams

Scream my name

Laugh out loud

and scream my name

Scream Dream

Scream Dream

Scream Dream

Oh scream ……………… 

My name

Rocking the seawaves

Stunning wild delicate fragrant flowers
Cover the goddess
wearing honeybeads 

A gigantic universe created and
thoroughly explored by men

Once a vast desert 
turned into
a sea teeming
with lobsters and sea-horses

Shiny starfish thrilled at the sight of
this richness this explosion of life

This is what men crave for
severely tortured by
dreary life itself

A vast immense lake to
fulfill their utmost dreams

An array of heights and
deep steep depths
 to embark on this haven

A vessel offering solace
rocking the seawaves


On the day we met

you wore a cap

covering your dreamy eyes

blurry but not for long

On the day we met

You brought your lovely dog

She saw our hearts our souls

watching over us

On the day we met

A vibrant babyblue sky

The sun matching

the fire in your visionary eyes

Through tears I see them

again and again

Frost flowers

falling from the silverblue sky

Reflecting my heart's desire

Taking away

my sleep 

my child's dreams

each night


We sat down chatted
At work we felt a connection

Years later
remember how I
attended your birthday party

Years that marked your life
You were this long tall girl
eager to explore the world

Years later we remember
Your sons taller than you now
Fill the room
Fill in the space

Explore the world at this moment
You and your boys

I feel the amazing connection
Right now
At this moment in time


Streel je zachtheid
Je halslijn
Voel je borst kloppend
Leg mijn oor bij je hart

Ogen peilend
Diep verpozend
In jouw blauwe zee
En jij peilt zeewier groene dieptes

Zachte aanraking
Lippen licht geopend

Elke zoen
tergend langzaam

Onze tongen converseren
prachtig en intens

Zonder geluid begrijp ik je
Ik lispel 
lief in je MOND

Je antwoordt
wild dierlijk


Your words syllables

drifting like seashells

Inspire me

Lost pictures of you

Falling from the sky

Like shooting stars

Inspire me

A fragment of a yellow watch

Screenshot forever on my mind

Your fast life in 90 seconds inspires

Divine sanguine lasagne

A treat to the eye

Watching it

It slowly starts seducing me 

The soft repetetive waves keep refreshing my brain

Flawless music sound bites

from the roaring Sixties

Your sinful red velvet mouth

Leading me astray 


Sensuously enjoyable

melting chocolate truffles

Oh inspire me

You and I dancing     

Drinking red red magic wine

Rolling over eachother


Your lovely sparkling eyes

catching my soul for just a split second

In an instant I realised...

Dance with me

Run with me

Kiss me

Because you inspire me

Time and again tender wild Boy



Beyond the glistening water
my hair aflow
the soil slopes quite steeply
to large trees lined up
with leaves pointing
muttering softly in a rising breeze
metallic sunny colors

A longing angel
in the autumnal woods
gold copper and bronze

A silent heart
Calm dreamy eyes
Your mouth pronouncing sweetness
likely to break the peace and quiet
Likely to conquer my soul
to capture my heart in an instant

The sky widens
Simultaneously we smile


Runaway man


What are you fighting for

You need to be proud

Don't run away

Don't hide

Be proud


It's me

Stay with me



Sapphire glimpse

A loving character and
And an even lovelier cerulean smile
Spelonken die jij alleen kent
Hebt verkend waar je graag vertoeft
Waar azuurkleurige watervallen
Blijvend je rots met hun stralen beminnen
En je stil wordt van aanbidding
En wild meegesleurd
Door de ongekende oerkracht
The lazuline image of you and me is
Imprinted on my mind
I close my eyes
I feel you
Every human particle of my body and brain
Is becoming you
Your arousal
Your aspiration



Ik droom van je
mijn ogen wijd open
Mijn hart zweeft
De verleiding is groot zoals verleiding hoort te zijn
Je lief likken
Je kopjes geven
Je rug masseren
Je nageltjes knippen
Je bepoederen
Je haartjes kroelen
Je in je ogen kijken
Me laten betoveren
Me laten verlammen
Me overgeven aan jouw geweld
Ik droom van je
mijn ogen wijd open
Mijn hart zweeft
De verleiding is groot zoals verleiding hoort te zijn



Het schuimt

Het likt

de dag van eenzaamheid minder lang

Het schuimt

Het likt

De nacht vol eenzaamheid minder duister

Het schuimt

Het likt

De weg naar eenzaamheid minder eenzaam

Minder fel

Minder van alles


Steeds minder

De brok in mijn keel

Mijn tong

Mijn hart

Alles klopt

Alles verdwijnt


Even voel ik minder

Minder van alles

Alles klopt


Created by Kattya